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The Power Pop Show
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The Power Pop
TOP 200!
Full Podcast (MP3)

A year many would like to forget...but still a stellar year for POWER POP!

Full Podcast (MP3)

More than just a breakthrough year for Grunge...1991 was a stellar year for indie pop as well!

Non-Sequitur Radio
Full Podcast (MP3)

The ultimate playlist that has no business being on the radio.

Best Albums of 2018!
Full Podcast (MP3)

Another fantastic year for power pop! Check out the albums that made the cut on the PP Show's coveted year-end countdown!

SLOAN - Top 25
Full Podcast (MP3)

Is it a tad ostentatious to devote an entire two-hour broadcast to a single musical group? Perhaps. But Sloan sets the the bar high with quality through quantity, and offers the perfect fodder for a scientific list ranking the best of their best. This show counts down the TOP 25 songs from this amazing Canadian band's 25-year/12 album repertoire.

PP Show: 20-year Anniversary!
Full Podcast (MP3)

Check out this special broadcast as we reminisce with some current and former KSCU DJs, relive special show highlights, and spin some of the best power pop albums of the past 20 years!

Best Albums of 2017!
Full Podcast (MP3)

2017 was a fantastic year for new music! Check out the albums that made the cut on the PP Show's coveted year-end countdown!

90s Obscurities
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)

Check out some 90s power pop gems you might have missed during the decade of Bill, Monica ...and the compact disc!

60's Pop Explosion!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)

The roots of Power Pop sprouted in the mid to late 60s. Take a trip down memory lane with some truly influential gems!

Best Albums of 2016!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)

An annual tradition since the dawn of time...the Power Pop Show counts down the TOP 25 albums top-shelf power pop of 2016!

A Power Pop Holiday!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Ring in the holiday spirit with some fist-pumpin, melodically driven holiday themed gems from the world of indie power pop!

Canadian Tribute!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Our neighbors to the north have bred some amazing indie power pop artists over the years. Enough to fill a two-hour show? Listen to find out!

90s Refresher!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

The 1990s was a landmark decade that marked the emergence of "modern power pop"....from artists like the Posies, Jellyfish, Sloan, Matthew Sweet, Fountains of Wayne...and many others.

Best Albums of 2015!
Full Podcast (MP3)               

An annual tradition on the last broadcast of the year...the Power Pop Show counts down the TOP 25 albums of pure, top-shelf power pop of 2015...and what a great year it was!

70s Refresher!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

A jam-packed refresher of all the cornerstone artists of the genre....Cheap Trick, The Records, Shoes, The Beat, Big Star, Badfinger, Dwight Twilley, 20/20, ELO...and much, much more!

HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Lemonheads, The Chills, The La's, Bob Mould, The Church,
Redd Kross, Jellyfish, The Posies, The Connells, Blake Babies

Best Albums of 2014!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

An annual tradition on the last broadcast of the year...the Power Pop Show counts down the TOP 25 albums of pure, top-shelf power pop of 2014...and what a great year it was!

HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        
In what universe does Killing Joke and ABBA...Devo and Black Sabbath... or John Denver and the Butthole Surfers play back-to-back? Why ... on RANDOM RADIO, of course!

HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Stone Roses, Swervedriver, Ride, Lush, Catherine Wheel, Loop,
Dodgy, Cast, Suede, House of Love, Supergrass, Charlatans UK,
...& much more!

Best Albums of 2013!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

An annual tradition on the last broadcast of the year...the Power Pop Show counts down the TOP 25 albums of pure, top-shelf power pop of 2013...and what a great year it was!

Best of the 1990s!!
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Matthew Sweet, The Posies, Jellyfish, Redd Kross, Velvet Crush,
Jason Falkner, Sugar, Teenage Fanclub, Sloan...& much more!

1970's SPECIAL!!!       April 19, 2013
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Badfinger, Big Star, The Sweet, Cheap Trick, 10CC, ELO, Queen,
The Boys, The Records, The Jam, T. Rex, Roxy Music, Sparks

60's SPECTACULAR!!! ... March 1, 2013
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)        
Highlights: The Move, The Creation, The Kinks,   
Pretty Things, Small Faces,
Moby Grape, The
Seeds, The Monkees, The Hollies, The Nazz

Tribute to 1993!!
HOUR ONE (MP3)                  HOUR TWO (MP3) 
This show pays tribute to one of the best years for 
indie power pop with spins from....The Posies, Redd Kross, Dodgy, Suede, Blur, Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish, Matthew Sweet, The Lemonheads....and more!

Tribute to 1997!!
MP3 Podcast (278Mb)
What was big in 1997? The movie Titanic, the death  
of Princess Diana, Dolly the Sheep, Spice Girls and
Hanson...and a slew of great indie power pop

Year-End Countdown...
HOUR 1 (MP3)    HOUR 2 (MP3)

An annual tradition on the PP Show, the year-end countdown condenses the "must hear" albums of the year...and what a great year it was for indie power pop!

(June 10, 2011)

HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3) 

Is there a place where Killing Joke & John Denver...Iron Maiden & The Smiths...or Neil Diamond & The Descendents can be played back-to-back? Only on NON-SEQUITUR RADIO - this week's special edition of the Power Pop Show.

1990's Refresher! (Mar 4, 2011)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)

A tribute to the best decade for modern power pop!
Highlights: Matthew Sweet, The Posies, Redd Kross, Jellyfish, Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Jason Falkner...and MORE!

Air Date: January 28, 2011

The long-awaited COVERS EDITION of the Power Pop Show - featuring the best of the genre covering the best of the genre...and then some!

Year-End Countdown...
HOUR 1 (MP3)    HOUR 2 (MP3)

An annual tradition on the PP Show, the year-end countdown condenses the "must hear" albums of the year...and what a great year it was for indie power pop!

Posies Interview      (air date: 12.03.10)
A great chat with Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow from one of power pop's most beloved bands! We discussed the band's current tour with Brendan Benson and their kickin' new album "Blood/Candy".

The Mystery Podcast   (air date: June 25, 1977)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          

Guest host Dusty Rhodes stops by for a truly special trip down memory lane.

THE 90s UNDERGROUND!!  (air date: 05.28.10)

Hard to believe we're going on 20 years from the decade that brought us Lewinsky, Lillehammer, OJ and Oklahoma City ...
and a slew of killer underground POWER POP!

Interview with GRAND ATLANTIC
Grand Atlantic Interview (MP3)        

All the way from Brisbane , Australia the PP Show was honored to welcome our first international band on the air - and super nice blokes to boot!! Check out tracks from their latest album How We Survive - one my Top 10 faves from 2009!

College Radio 1990 - 1992
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)        

Jellyfish, Posies, Blake Babies, Blur, Pixies, Throwing Muses,
Swervedriver, The Chills, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Sugar

Interview with SLOAN!! (Feb 12, 2010)
Sloan Interview (MP3)        

Jay Ferguson of the Canadian four-piece and I chatted about
Sloan's upcoming west coast tour, new digital b-sides release
(called "The B-Sides Win"), and plans for the future.

Year-End Countdown...
BEST OF 2009 & THE 2000's!!
HOUR 1 (MP3)       HOUR 2 (MP3)

Halloween Podcast!
HOUR 1  (MP3)          HOUR 2 (MP3)
With Guest DJ "Dulce"!! Two hours of the most spooky, ghoulish 80s underground and Goth to welcome All Hallow's Eve!
Highlights: Sisters of Mercy, Severed Heads, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Clan of Xymox, The Damned, Misfits, Ghost Dance

October 16, 2009
Stoner Rock Metal Fest

Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage, Danzig, AC/DC
Iron Maiden, Wolfmother, Dig, Stooges, Valis, Motorhead

August 28, 2009
60s Mod-Garage-Freakbeat

The Creation, The Move, The Monks, The Seeds, Pretty Things,
The Eyes, Small Faces, The Sonics, The Easybeats, The Nazz

July 10, 2009 - BRUNO....hosts Hour One!
In-Studio Guest DJ (MP3)

The Power Pop Show was honored to welcome BRUNO as our special guest DJ for hour one this week. More giggles and inappropriate toouching than a playdate with Michael Jackson - for sure.

John Wicks & Paul Collins ... LIVE!!
Interview & In-Studio Performance (1.2 Hours)

The Power Pop Show was honored to welcome two of the genre's legends this week! John Wicks (The Records) and Paul Collins (The Beat) talk shop on pop, relish in some great stories, and treat us to a live in-studio acoustic performance!

May 29, 2009 - The Thermals ... LIVE!!
Band Interview (Hour 1)     New Music! (Hour 2)        

The Power Pop Show welcomed The Thermals for Hour 1 this week with a great live in-studio performance and new music from Green Day, Telekenisis, Light FM...and more!

70s POWER POP!!  (May 15, 2009)
HOUR ONE (MP3)        HOUR TWO (MP3)

The Records, Buzzcocks, Dwight Twilley, Big Star, Nick Lowe, Squeeze, The Nerves, The Jam, Joe Jackson...and more!

March 6, 2009 (Hour 2)
Interview w/ Pat DiNizio (The Smithereens)

The 70s Underground
HOUR 1 (MP3)     HOUR 2 (MP3)

Hour 1: Big Star, 10cc, Sparks, Be Bop Deluxe, The Move
Hour 1: Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Television, Wire, The Jam


The 80s Underground
Weekly Podcasts are now hosted on Podomatic
  TUESDAYS 10am-12pm (PST)    
Click HERE for
some nostalgia
2017 Halloween Podcast
Full Podcast  (MP3)

An annual tradition on the 80s Underground...two hours of unearthed ghoulish tracks befetting the spirit of All Hallow's Eve!

Deep Cuts - Latest Edition!

Check out the truly obscure and unknown side of 80s alternative music. Two hours of rare, unearthed tracks from the deepest depths of the 80s Underground!

An 80s Underground Holiday!

The spirit of the Holidays is in the air...80s alternative style!

Covers Edition!

Hear your favorite 80s alt artists cover some of their favorite tracks!

Best Albums of 1988!
Full Podcast (MP3)

Where do your favorite ablums from '88 rank? Tune in to find out!

Best Albums of 1983!

Where do your favorite ablums from '83 rank? Tune in to find out!

Best Albums of 1986!

Where do your favorite ablums from '86 rank? Tune in to find out!


Hot on the heels of the release of the Deep Cuts Volume 4 compilation, this special broadcast highlights some true 80s obscrities!

C-86 Britpop...and MORE!

James, House of Love, Stone Roses, The Flatmates, Pale Saints
The Wonderstuff, Primal Scream, Bodines, My Bloody Valentine

(Another) TRIBUTE TO 1988!!!
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)

Game Theory, Soul Asylum, Julian Cope, Drivin n Cryin,
Ultra Vivid Scene, The Feelies, fIREHOSE, Go-Betweens

80s Underground of the 1970's!
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)

This special broadcast highlights a slew of bands & artists typically
associated with "80s alternative" ... who actually got their start in
the 1970's!

(of Guadalcanal Diary)

MP3 Podcast           

Great conversation with the frontman one of the 80s Alternative's
most revered bands! We talked past and present (mostly past)
and reveled in the trials and adventures of GD's heyday.

HOUR ONE (MP3)     HOUR TWO (MP3)       Playlist
Yeah, I know...not a very original theme for a radio 
show, but what the hell - the 80sU has never done
an AtoZ special. So,for your edification and enlight-
enment I present an alphabetical 26-song set of
the best of the 80s Underground...from A to Z!

HOUR ONE (MP3)       HOUR TWO (MP3)     
Highlights: Let's Active, Red Rockers, fIREHOSE, 
REM, Rave-Ups, Hukser Du, Beat Farmers, Lazy
Cowgirls, The Long Ryders, Wire Train, Soul Asylum

Interview w/ Larry Dekker (of TRANSLATOR)
MP3 Podcast (129Mb)         

Was very excited to have Larry Dekker - bassist and founding
member of Bay Area legends TRANSLATOR on the show this
week. We talked about their new album Big Green Lawn (first in
26 years!), future tour plans, and of course...the good ol' days!

DEEPER CUTS !!!!      (air date: 04.18.12)
HOUR ONE (MP3)         HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

Another Deeper Cuts edition rears its obscure head! This week's
show features no fewer than 13 bands I have never played on the
history of the 80's Underground. Once again, big props need to
go out to the following Blog sites for their assistance in unearthing
some of today's lost treasures:

Wilfully Obscure | Vinyl Obscurity | Post Punk 80s Underground

Tribute to 1987!!
HOUR ONE (MP3)       HOUR TWO (MP3)     Playlist
This week we paid tribute to one of the best and 
most prolific years in underground music. College radio was exploding. Sub-genres were crawling out of the woodowrk. It was only the beginning.

NOISE/PUNK/THRASH FEST!!   (Feb. 15, 2012)   
HOUR ONE (MP3)       HOUR TWO (MP3)       Playlist

This week's podcast paid homage to all things noisy, thrashy and all
out punkified in the 80s Underground. Bring your aspirin and earplugs
and enjoy the ride.

Loop, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, GBH, Skinny Puppy, Alice Donut, Butthole Surfers, Circle Jerks, Pussy Galore, Flipper, Big Black

American 80s Underground: SOUTHEAST
MP3 Podcast (148Mb)     
This week paid tribute to a slew of great under-
ground bands from the American Southeast.
Highlights include: Pylon, REM, Love Tractor,
The Connells, Let's Active...and many more great
underground gems you may have never heard!

TRIBUTE TO 1982!!!  (December 14, 2011)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

This week's podcast paid tribute to the year that brought us E.T., the Falkland Islands War, birth of Prince William, death of John Belushi and world domination from PacMan and Atari.
The Fixx, Modern English, Devo, Simple Minds, The Jam, XTC,
Haircut 100, Split Enz, The Stranglers, The Cure, Translator

Interview w/ "33 Days" Author Bill See
Interview Podcast (MP3)     
Bill See, frontman of the 80s indie band Divine Weeks talks about his new book 33 Days - chronicling life on the road as an underground band in 1987.
Also ... music from:
Guadalcanal Diary, The Smithereens, Wire Train, Go-Betweens,
Split Enz, Love Tractor, Big Drill Car, Husker Du, X, Sonic Youth

Music Podcast (MP3)     
DEEPEST CUTS !!!!      (air date: 11.16.11)
HOUR ONE (MP3)         HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

What makes this DC edition so special is that a good 80% of the set includes bands I've never played on the 80s Underground. Big props to two great Blog sites for their assistance in unearthing some of these lost treasures: Wilfully Obscure | Vinyl Obscurity

Interview w/ Mark Burgess (Chameleons UK)
MP3 Podcast (MP3)     
Frontman of the legendary 80s band Chameleons UK talks about the recent formation of ChameleonsVox (w/ drummer John Lever) and forthcoming U.S. tour.
Also ... music from:
Cocteau Twins, P.I.L., Sparks, The Nails, China Crisis, The Cure,
The Mekons, The Fall Snake Corps, Downy Mildew, Game Theory

Halloween Podcast!
HOUR 1  (MP3)          HOUR 2 (MP3)          Playlist

An annual tradition and always the best show of the year! Check out this year's set of spooky Goth and Darkwave...and special selections from Guest DJ - Dulce of Black Planet!

Interview w/ John Doe (X)                            Playlist
MP3 Podcast (MP3)     
The iconic frontman of the 80s punk band X talks about his current solo album and tour, as well as upcoming tour dates with X.
Also ... music from:
Pylon, Comsat Angels, Replacements, Mission of Burma, The Fall,
Gleaming Spires, Dumptruck, Sugarcubes, MOEV, The Bolshoi

JANGLE POP SPECIAL!!   (Sep 21, 2011)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

REM, The Connells, Let's Active, Grapes of Wrath, Miracle Legion, Smithereens, The Three O'Clock, Primitives, Stone Roses, Feelies

Interview w/ Mike Peters (THE ALARM)
MP3 Podcast (MP3)     
The charismatic frontman of the iconic band THE ALARM talks about his current solo tour, upcoming film and music projects and of course, some great history from the 80s!

GOTH/DARKWAVE SPECIAL!!   (Aug 24, 2011)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

XMAL Deutschland, Sisters of Mercy, Death In June, Skinny Puppy,
Bauhaus, Mission UK, Xymox, Lowlife, Snake Corps, Killing Joke

The 80s Underground ... TODAY!
Air Date: 04.27.11
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

Did you know Wire, Gang of Four, Killing Joke, Modern English and Devo (among others) all released new albums in the past year? This week's show highlights some of the best NEW music released by our favorite 80s indie heroes. Don't miss it!

Air Date: 3.23.11

HOUR ONE (MP3)       HOUR TWO (MP3)      Playlist

This week we paid tribute to Australia and New Zealand bands exclusively! Did I have enough great 80s indie from down under to fill the full two hours? Download the Podcast to find out!

TRIBUTE TO 1983!!!  (Feb. 23, 2011)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

Red Rockers, Midnight Oil, The Fixx, Let's Active, Devo, Sparks
Altered Images, Aztec Camera, Chameleons UK, Wire Train

80s Underground COVERED!     (air date: 12.01.10)
HOUR ONE (MP3)         HOUR TWO (MP3)         Playlist

Amazingly, in the 8 years since the 80s Underground started, I've NEVER done a show that featured only cover songs from your fave 80s indie artists. Well...better late than never! This week's show featured two hours of great cover songs...some well known, others unearthed for the first time!

FAST & FURIOUS !!!!      (air date: 10.06.10)
HOUR ONE (MP3)         HOUR TWO (MP3)

The 80s Underground went fast & furious today with a scathing set of punk gems and rockin' underground cuts from the depths of the deacde. A highlight not to be missed is a rare interview with Gibby Haynes of the beloved B*Hole Surfers near the end of Hour 1.

DEEPER CUTS !!!!      (air date: 08.25.10)
HOUR ONE (MP3)         HOUR TWO (MP3)        

The Deeper Cuts edition returns - unearthing the deepest of underground obscurities...from the post-punk sounds of The Names, Snake Corps, to the obscure BritPop of The Servants, Close Lobsters, to the art rock of Sleep of Reason, The Terrible Parade to the American Underground jangle of Zeitgeist and Flying Color.

July 21, 2010   (w/ Guest DJ Andrew)
MP3 Podcast                                               

Ultravox, Peter Schilling, Kraftwerk, Killing Joke, The Vandals,
Clan of Xymox, Psychedelic Furs, Bob Mould, Hoodoo Gurus

TRIBUTE TO 1986!!!!       (air date: 05.19.10)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)

The year that brought us the Challenger Explosion and Chernobyl Disaster also brought a slew of great underground music, including releases from: The Smiths, Love n' Rockets, The Mission UK, The Chameleons, REM, Let's Active, Husker Du, Dumptruck...& more!

January 27, 2010
Interview w/ Harry Dingman of FOR AGAINST

For Against's dark, spacey, Britpop and post-punk influenced sound was true anomaly in their hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska in the mid 1980s, yet the band garnered a large loyal following in Europe and in college radio circles throughout the 80s and 90s. Guitarist Harry Dingman reminisces on the band's early days, discusses recent CD re-issues from Words On Music, and also talks about their latest album Never Been.

College Radio 1987 - 1989   (Jan. 13, 2010)
HOUR ONE (MP3)          HOUR TWO (MP3)

Bob Mould, The Feelies, Dreams So Real, Sonic Youth, Pixies,
Stone Roses, Peter Murphy, House of Love, The Go Betweens

C-86 Britpop...and MORE! (Aug 5, 2009)

The Housemartins, Mighty Lemon Drops, The Wedding Present,
The Pastels, The Flatmates, Railway Children, Soup Dragons